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Compared Verbal, Performance, and Full Scale IQ scores from two groups of neurologically impaired patients (N = 114) similar in age, years of education, occupation, race, sex, and etiology and location of cerebral dysfunction. One group had been given the WAIS and the other the WAIS-R. All three IQ scores were higher for the WAIS group, with Full Scale and(More)
This study was undertaken to determine the ability of the Wechsler Memory Scale-Revised (WMS-R) to differentiate a group of closed head injury patients from a group of controls and determine how injury severity and attentional deficits are associated with WMS-R performance. The relationship of WMS-R performance to everyday memory also was assessed. The head(More)
Fractures of the patella occurred following implantation of 36 condylar total knee arthroplasties in 35 patients. The end results were evaluated in relation to fracture type after an average 4.5-year follow-up period. The follow-up observations included a physical examination, quantitative knee score, and roentgenographic evaluations of extremity alignment(More)
Intraspecific variation in the composition of three cytotoxic secondary metabolites from the New Zealand marine sponge Mycale hentscheli collected at two sites in central New Zealand was quantified by 1H NMR techniques. A total of 275 sponges were analyzed bimonthly over 15 mo to compare intersite (∼100 km) and intrasite (∼100 m) spatial and temporal(More)
Almost all of the theoretical and empirical work on reading aloud has considered only the reading of monosyllables, and so the special problems which arise when one is attempting to give an account of how polysyllabic words and nonwords are read aloud have been thoroughly neglected. Here we begin to remedy this neglect with an exploratory study of this(More)
BACKGROUND A number of recent case reports and series have identified a subgroup of atypical fractures of the femoral shaft associated with bisphosphonate use. A population-based study did not support this association. Such a relationship has not been examined in randomized trials. METHODS We performed secondary analyses using the results of three large,(More)
BACKGROUND The need to make best use of limited resources in the English National Health Service is now greater than ever. This paper contributes to this endeavour by synthesizing data from cost-effectiveness evidence produced to support the development of public health guidance at the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE). No(More)
UNLABELLED Previous projections of total joint replacement (TJR) volume have not quantified demand for TJR surgery in young patients (< 65 years old). We developed projections for demand of TJR for the young patient population in the United States. The Nationwide Inpatient Sample was used to identify primary and revision TJRs between 1993 and 2006, as a(More)
Nursing, sociological and psychological research into good and bad, popular and unpopular, and desirable and undesirable patients is reviewed. A number of themes which have been linked by researchers with the evaluation of good and bad patients are identified. These are patients' illnesses and diseases, patients' behaviour, the social backgrounds of(More)