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The role of diagnostic imaging modalities in pancreatic inflammatory diseases is to assess gland damage and peripancreatic tissue involvement. The artifacts related to breathing and to peristaltic movements can be partially resolved with the optimization of acquisition parameters, which allows MRI to be suggested for the assessment of pancreatic(More)
A new contrast agent has been developed for the opacification of the esophageal lumen in Magnetic Resonance (MR) Imaging. The contrast agent consists of an emulsion of low-density and high-viscosity barium paste employed for the CT study of the esophagus (E.Z.E.M., Westbury, USA) and a small amount of Gadolinium-DTPA (Magnevist, Schering, Germany), diluted(More)
Previous clinical experience in the study of the soft tissues of the neck region has pointed out the accuracy of MRI in terms of high definition and contrast resolution. Seventy-seven patients with thyroid diseases were examined to define the possible role of MRI in the diagnosis of these conditions. In the patients affected with thyroiditis, MR findings(More)
Peripheral neuropathy of the external popliteal ischiadic nerve caused by intraneural cysts is a very rare and peculiar pathological phenomenon compared with diseases associated with extraneural cysts or colliquative phenomena of solid nervous lesions. Two cases of peripheral neuropathy of the external popliteal ischiadic nerve caused by intraneural cysts(More)
Among the undesirable events which can take place during IUD use is the occasional disappearance of the "retrieval" string. When this happens, however, with the advent of echographic monitoring, a simple procedure can be used to determine the position and the condition of the IUD. When the time comes to remove the IUD for any reason, a technical problem(More)
Some authors suggested that MR imaging could represent an effective diagnostic alternative in the study of pathologic conditions of mother and fetus during pregnancy. To verify the actual role of MR imaging, we examined 20 patients in the 2nd and 3rd trimester of gestation, after a preliminary US examination. Fifteen patients presented fetal or placental(More)
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