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In order to identify the possible role of the DCC gene in neoplasms of the human female reproductive tract, messenger RNA expression of the DCC gene was examined by reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction, and expression of the DCC gene product was detected immunohistochemically. While histologically normal endometrium, cervical epithelium and ovary(More)
Metabolism-based autofluorescence redox imaging is one of the promising options for non-invasive screening of digestive tumors. In this paper, autofluorescence from fluorescent coenzymes such as NADH and FAD related to cellular metabolism as well as total hemoglobin and oxygen saturation are analyzed based on a point spectrum. As a redox index based on the(More)
Topological defects in liquid crystals not only affect the optical and rheological properties of the host, but can also act as scaffolds in which to trap nano or micro-sized colloidal objects. The creation of complex defect shapes, however, often involves confining the liquid crystals in curved geometries or adds complex-shaped colloidal objects, which are(More)
  • JP Casey, H Murphy, S Ennis, SA Lynch, L Bradley, R Mabrouk +93 others
  • 2013
Many genetic disorders in the Irish Traveller population follow a clan structure with certain disorders occurring only in specific clans or regions. Identification of disease genes can be simplified by comparing the genetic data of multiple patients with the same condition. However, this can be complicated for heterogeneous disorders whereby the same(More)
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