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The histochemical distribution of peroxidase was studied in amphioxus, ammocoetes larvae, adult lampreys, and hagfish. The endostyle of amphioxus displayed peroxidase activity in zone 5 and, in some individuals, in zone 1 as well. The endostyle of ammocoetes exhibited strong peroxidase activity in type 2c and type 3 cells. These peroxidase-positive regions(More)
The histochemical distribution of peroxidase was studied in 10 species of ascidians. In the endostyle, strong peroxidase activity was found in zone 7 in Ciona intestinalis, Ascidia zara, Ascidia sydneiensis samea, Cnemidocarpa areolata, Styela clava, and Pyrura vittata. The activity in zone 7 was weak in Styela plicata and Halocynthia hilgendorfi. Pyura(More)
The brains of hynobiid salamanders were studied with a light and an electron microscope. Blood vessels were found in the neural lobe, the olfactory bulb, and the meninx. In the bulk of the brain parenchyma, however, blood vessels were not found. This virtual absence of brain vascularization may be unique to hynobiid salamanders among vertebrates.
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