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This paper describes the control of squirrel cage induction generator (SCIG) and its responses to grid voltage unbalance. The paper presents the vector control of SCIG. On the SCIG side converter, the control strategy enables the independent control of flux and electromagnetic torque. On the grid side converter, the control strategy is implemented to(More)
Wind farms WF connected to the power network are frequently subjected to grid faults, a large rotor current rising proportion happens during grid voltage sags. These faults may cause damages to rotor windings, converters, DC Link capacitor or induce drive train mechanical stress due to torque fluctuations. This paper develops a crowbar and chopper(More)
This study presents a novel means of designing a simple and effective torque controller for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM). The overall stability of the system is shown using Lyapunov technique. The Lyapunov functions used contain a term penalizing the integral of the tracking error, enhancing the stability. The tracking error is shown to be(More)
With the advance of power electronic technology, novel control strategies and new circuit topologies direct driven permanent magnet synchronous generators (PMSG) have increasingly drawn interests to wind turbine manufactures. In the proposed wind energy system, a PMSG is used as a variable speed generator. The generator model is established in the(More)
The very nonlinear nature of the generator and system behaviour following a severe disturbance precludes the use of classical linear control technique. In this paper, a new approach of nonlinear control is proposed for transient and steady state stability analysis of a synchronous generator. The control law of the generator excitation is derived from the(More)
Wind turbine WT occupies gradually a large part in world energy market, Doubly fed induction generator DFIG is mostly used in WT, it allow highly flexible active and reactive power generation control. These machines are driven by power collaborating converters: voltage source converter VSC and rotor-side converter RSC protected using crowbar protection(More)
In this paper, nonlinear control of permanent magnet synchronous generators (PMSG) for wind energy conversion system (WECS) is investigated in order to maximize the generated power from wind turbine. The control strategy combines the technique of maximum power point tracking (MPPT) method and sliding mode (SM) nonlinear control. A speed and pitch control(More)
This paper presents a nonlinear control method to track the maximum power point of wind turbine equipped with Squirrel Cage Induction Generator (SCIG). Since the mechanical power of wind turbine is function of its shaft speed at a given wind velocity, the proposed controller provides the desired voltage at the output of Voltage Source Converter (VSC) so as(More)
This paper presents a nonlinear control of 900-kW wind power, to track the maximum power point (MPPT,) and control Power Factor Correction (PFC) of wind farm using three Squirrel Cage Induction Generator (SCIG) driven by 300-kW wind turbines. The wind turbine delivers an active and reactive power to grid via common DC-bus and Voltage Source Converter (VSC),(More)
A wind farm with variable speed wind turbines usually consists of a large number of wind turbine generators (WTGs) connected and operating simultaneously. The study of a wind farm with permanent magnet synchronous generators (PMSG) is presented. The 10 MW wind farm consists of 5 PMSGs based 2MW generators connected to a common DC-bus. Each PMSG of the wind(More)