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New generation cellular wireless networks are designed to support adaptive multimedia services by controlling individual ongoing flows to increase or decrease their bandwidth in response to changes in traffic load. There is growing interest in quality of service (QoS) provisioning under this adaptive multimedia framework, in which a bandwidth adaptation(More)
Data replication strategy is widely adopted for large scale data-intensive applications in distributed network such as data grid. Replication approach can shorten the time of fetching the files by creating many replicas stored in appropriate sites. However, due to the limited storage capacity of each node, replicas that are beneficial for future jobs can be(More)
Lucas Functions is a special form of second order linear recurrence relation. This function has been used in the LUC Cryptosystems. The encryption process of this system is the computations of V(e), while the decryption process is done by the computations of V(d). The V(e) and V(d) are both Lucas Function. The performances of computations of LUC are(More)
Many new technologies has been proposed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) to cover the new real time applications which are becomes very important in today’s Internet demands. One such technology is Differentiated Services (DiffServ). This has been introduced to provide better QoS where the routers provide PHBs to aggregate traffic for different(More)
Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) has proposed many new technologies to cover the new real time applications which are becomes very important in today's Internet demands. One such technology is differentiated services (DiffServ). DiffServ routers provide per hop behaviors (PHBs) to aggregate traffic for different level of services. There is an(More)
The grid and agent communities both develop concepts and mechanisms for open distributed systems, albeit from different perspectives. Discovering the resources in grid environments may cause lots of challenges. In this paper, a number of previous works on resource discovery process are reviewed, compared and criticized with the main focus on comparing their(More)
Scientific Data Grid provides geographically distributed resources for large-scale data-intensive applications that generate large scientific data sets and it mostly deals with large computational problems. Research in the area of grid has given various ideas and solutions to address these requirements. However, since the number of participants (scientists(More)
The crosstalk problem is introduced by an optical multistage interconnection network, which is caused by coupling two signals within a switching element. To avoid this crosstalk, a time domain approach is used, which is to partition the set of the connections into several subsets such that the connections in each subset can be established simultaneously in(More)