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The purpose of this study was to compare the shaping effects of three nickel-titanium rotary instruments, ProTaper, K3, and RaCe, with emphasis on canal transportation. Simulated canals with an S-shaped curvature in clear resin blocks were prepared with a torque-control, low-speed engine. Canals were prepared using the crown-down technique to the size of(More)
A novel amperometric biosensor for the measurement of L-lactate has been developed. The device comprises a screen-printed carbon electrode containing cobalt phthalocyanine (CoPC-SPCE), coated with lactate oxidase (LOD) that is immobilized in mesoporous silica (FSM8.0) using a polymer matrix of denatured polyvinyl alcohol; a Nafion layer on the electrode(More)
The effects of external magnetic field were experimentally investigated. The surface resistance (Rs) of L-band scc were measured in the following two conditions of external H-field; the parallel fields to the beam axis were applied before and after the superconducting state transition. The increasing of the Rs as a function of H-field was observed in the(More)
Choline sensor is successfully prepared by using immobilized enzyme, i.e., choline oxidase (ChOx) within a hybrid mesoporous membrane with 12 nm pore diameter (F127M). The measurement was based on the detection of hydrogen peroxide, which is the co-product of the enzymatic choline oxidation. The determination range and the response time are 5.0-800 microM(More)
STUDY DESIGN A clinicobiomechanical study. OBJECTIVE To clarify the clinicobiomechanical characteristics of a segment with lumbar degenerative spondylolisthesis (LDS) using an original intraoperative measurement system. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Although radiographical evaluation of LDS is extensively performed, the diagnosis of segmental instability(More)
Although the gene frequency, in Japan, of phenylketonuria (PKU; McKusick 26160) and/or benign hyperphenylalaninaemia (HPA; McKusick 26158) is undoubtedly lower than that in Western countries, there have been 19 female cases who have become pregnant. Unfortunately, there has been no previous report of normal delivery, without any complications, associated(More)
To elucidate the normative values of whole body sagittal alignment and balance of a healthy population in the standing position; and to clarify the relationship among the alignment, balance, health-related quality of life (HRQOL), and age. Healthy Japanese adult volunteers [n = 126, mean age 39.4 years (20–69), M/F = 30/96] with no history of spinal disease(More)
We present a neonatal case with intractable atrial flutter that did not respond to digitalization and electrical cardioversion. Intravenous flecainide administration completely resolved the atrial flutter. Proarrhythmic effects were not induced by flecainide administration. Although the efficacy of flecainide for atrial flutter during the infantile or(More)
The construction of the 60-MeV proton linac has started as a low-energy front of the KEK/JAERI Joint Project for a high-intensity proton accelerator facility at KEK. The accelerating frequency is 324 MHz. Five UHF klystrons are used as an rf source; their ratings have a maximum power of 3 MW, a beam pulse width of a 700 μsec (an rf pulse width is 650 μsec)(More)