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but it could not have been accomplished without the guidance, support, and input of the workshop participants and additional contributors that assisted with the development and review of this plan. Contributors included graciously provided access to unpublished data. List of Tables Table 1. Most recent estimates of Laysan and black-footed albatross nesting(More)
The construction of the 60-MeV proton linac has started as a low-energy front of the KEK/JAERI Joint Project for a high-intensity proton accelerator facility at KEK. The accelerating frequency is 324 MHz. Five UHF klystrons are used as an rf source; their ratings have a maximum power of 3 MW, a beam pulse width of a 700 µsec (an rf pulse width is 650 µsec)(More)
The effects of external magnetic field were experimentally investigated. The surface resistance (R s) of L-band scc were measured in the following two conditions of external H-field; the parallel fields to the beam axis were applied before and after the superconducting state transition. The increasing of the R s as a function of H-field was observed in the(More)
Gully Erosion, in part, explains soil erosion. Soil erosion is described as an accelerated process under which soil is bodily displaced and transported away faster than it can be formed. The agents of soil erosion are principally running water, glaciers, waves and wind. These are natural agents of erosion. Anthropogenic factors also contribute to soil(More)
Experiments in NSTX have now demonstrated the coupling of toroidal plasmas produced by the technique of Coaxial Helicity Injection (CHI) to inductive sustainment and ramp-up of the toroidal plasma current. In these discharges, the central Ohmic transformer was used to apply an inductive loop voltage to discharges with a toroidal current of about 100 kA(More)
The plasma material interface in Demo will be more challenging than that in ITER, due to requirements for approximately four times higher heat flux from the plasma and approximately five times higher average duty factor. The scientific and technological solutions employed in ITER may not extrapolate to Demo. The key questions to be resolved for Demo and the(More)
Crab cavities have been installed in the KEKB B– Factory rings to compensate the crossing angle at the collision point and thus increase luminosity. The beam operation with crab crossing has been done since February 2007. This is the first experience with such cavities in colliders or storage rings. The crab cavities have been working without serious(More)
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