M. Oliver Möller

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Uppaal is a tool for modeling, simulation and veri cation of real-time systems, developed jointly by BRICS at Aalborg University and the Department of Computer Systems at Uppsala University. The tool is appropriate for systems that can be modeled as a collection of non-deterministic processes with nite control structure and real-valued clocks, communicating(More)
We studied the phylogeography of Chinese yew (Taxus wallichiana), a tree species distributed over most of southern China and adjacent regions. A total of 1235 individuals from 50 populations from China and North Vietnam were analysed for chloroplast DNA variation using polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism of the trnL-F(More)
We present a framework for formal verification of a real-time extension of UML statecharts. This formalism is based on hierarchical state machines, that can be put in parallel at any level of composition. It features powerful event-communication, synchronization mechanisms, and actions triggered on entry or exit of components. Industrial modeling tools like(More)
The interplay of orographic uplift and climatic changes in the Himalaya-Hengduan Mountains region (HHM) have had a key role in speciation and population demography. To gain further insight into these processes, we investigated their effects on Taxus wallichiana by combining molecular phylogeography and species distribution modeling. Molecular data were(More)
Molecular studies of six species from the ancient extant seed plant Cycas, covering a wide range of its morphological diversity and all major areas of distribution, revealed a high level of intra-individual polymorphism of the internal transcribed spacer (ITS1, 5.8S, and ITS2) region, indicative of incomplete nrDNA concerted evolution. Through a range of(More)
There is currently international interest in the application of DNA barcoding as a tool for plant species discrimination and identification. In this study, we evaluated the utility of five candidate plant DNA barcoding regions [rbcL, matK, trnH-psbA, trnL-F and internal transcribed spacer (ITS)] in Eurasian yews. This group of species is taxonomically(More)
Species delimitation in Taxus (Taxaceae) has been controversial due to high levels of phenotypic plasticity. Reputed hybrids between species have been questioned due to the original crosses' accidental nature and the uncertainty regarding the parent species' distinctness. In this study 19 samples from three species (T. baccata, T. canadensis, T. cuspidata)(More)
In this paper we describe a decision procedure for the core theory of xed-sized bit-vectors with extraction and composition than can readily be integrated into Shostak's procedure for deciding combinations of theories. Inputs to the solver are unquantiied bit-vector equations t = u and the algorithm returns true if t = u is valid in the bit-vector theory,(More)
The genus Streptocarpus comprises species with diverse body plans. Caulescent species produce leaves from a conventional shoot apical meristem (SAM), whereas acaulescent species lack a conventional SAM and produce only a single leaf (the unifoliate form) or clusters of leaves from the base of more mature leaves (the rosulate form). These distinct(More)
We propose predicate abstraction as a means for verifying a rich class of safety and liveness properties for dense real-time systems. First, we define a restricted semantics of timed systems which is observationally equivalent to the standard semantics in that it validates the same set of μ-calculus formulas without a next-step operator. Then, we recast the(More)