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The main aim of this paper is to use the method of differential subordination to obtain a number of sufficient conditions for a normalized analytic function to be univalent or starlike in the unit disc. In particular, we find a condition on β so that each normalized analytic function f satisfying the condition 1 + zf (z) 2f (z) − zf (z) f (z) < β, z ∈ Δ(More)
The mechanisms of Golgi impregnation of neurons has remained enigmatic for decades. Recently, it was suggested that divalent (di)chromate anions play a role in the Golgi impregnation process. Therefore, we incubated slices of (para)formaldehyde-fixed rat brain tissue in solutions of potassium (di)chromate, phosphate, chloride or nitrate at pH 6 or 7. Slices(More)
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