M O Woo-Ming

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A teratoma in a young West Indian of Negro race is reported. The teratoma presented radiologically in the left upper lobe as an ill-defined shadow which contained a crescent-shaped translucent area and simulated a mycetoma. In addition, the left lung showed widespread nodular shadows. The left lung was resected and the teratoma was found to be endobronchial(More)
The clinical, radiological and pathological features of plasma cell granuloma in 4 patients are presented. The natural history of the condition is benign. 30% of cases occur in children. The radiological appearances are not specific and consist of an intrapulmonary mass which is not accompanied by pleural effusion. Tomography is helpful in demonstrating(More)
Pulmonary stenosis due to compression of the right ventricular outflow tract by an extrinsic mass is an uncommon but well-documented event. The recorded causes include lymphoma, teratoma, thymoma, bronchial carcinoma, pericardial sarcoma, and aneurysm of the ascending aorta (Gough, Gold, and Gibson, 1967; Seymour, Emmanuel, and Pattinson, 1968; Littler,(More)