M. O. Ul’yanova

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Comprehensive microbiological and biogeochemical investigation of a pockmark within one of the sites of gas-saturated sediments in the Gdansk depression, Baltic Sea was carried out during the 87th voyage of the Professor Shtokman research vessel. Methane content in the near-bottom water and in the underlying sediments indicates stable methane flow from the(More)
Microbiological, biogeochemical, and isotope geochemical investigations of the upper sediments of the Vistula and Curonian lagoons, Baltic Sea, were carried out. High content of organic matter in the sediments was responsible for the high numbers (over 1010 cells cm−3) and activity of heterotrophic microorganisms. The calculated integral rates of dark CO2(More)
A. V. Teplyuka, N. I. Samarova, A. A. Korzhenkova, M. O. Ul’yanovaa, c, M. A. Goevaa, I. V. Kublanovb, T. A. Kanapatskiib, N. V. Pimenovb, and S. V. Toshchakova, * aImmanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, Kaliningrad, Russia bWinogradsky Institute of Microbiology, Research Center of Biotechnology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia cAtlantic(More)
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