M O Jarymowycz

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Streptococcal M protein, the antiphagocytic molecule on the surface of the organism, was previously found to exhibit extensive size heterogeneity between as well as within M serotypes. In this study, methods were devised to isolate M protein size mutants within a laboratory-grown culture. We were able to isolate three independent M protein deletion mutants(More)
The uptake of U-14C-glucose by resting cells of Streptococcus mutans OMZ-176 was studied in the presence of the artificial sweetener saccharin as well as sodium chloride. Glucose grown cells were resuspended in phosphate buffer (0.05 M, pH 7.8), and the uptake of U-14C-glucose was observed for 150 min in time intervals of 30 min, in the presence of 0.02 and(More)
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