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BACKGROUND A low yield of lymph nodes (LN) in abdominoperineal resection (APR) specimen has been associated with preoperative radiation therapy (XRT) in population-based studies, which may preclude adequate staging of anorectal carcinomas. We hypothesized that the number of LN retrieved in APR specimen was correlated with the dose and the timing of pelvic(More)
Over a 10-year period, a series 96 patients were treated for laryngotracheal and bronchial foreign bodies in the ENT department of the Ouagadougou University Hospital Center (Burkina Faso). The purpose of this study was to analyze the epidemioclinical features and therapeutic pitfalls encountered in that series and to propose measures to improve management.(More)
This retrospective study objects to report epidemiological profile, clinical display and take care of progressive noma at the National Hospital Center of Ouagadougou. We assign the term noma to the gangrenous gingivo-stomatitis occurring in a prone environment, leading in a few days into a sharp ulcer in the soft parts, accompanied by halitosis. This(More)
We reported the short and medium results of the 24 parodectomies performed at the ORL Department of the NHC of Ouagadougou between 1985 and 1993 in order to assess the frequency of the complications and to search for their causes. It is a retrospective study on 15 women and 9 men aging between 14 to 56 years. The research for the VII has been always done at(More)
Neck adenitis remain a frequent occurrence in our areas. Within one year only, 57 cases were collected in the ORL department of University Hospital of Ouagadougou. Children were mostly affected (70% of cases) and the starting point or supposedly was mainly pharyngeal (67% of cases); streptococcus were the dominant microbes. Concerning the treatment, our(More)
The interest of tumors of salivary gland has increased according to the nosology, diagnosis and therapeutic aspects. This study object to appreciate the frequency of this pathology at the ENT Department of the University Hospital Center of Ouagadougou and to report our experience in their diagnostic and therapeutic management. We have collected 48 cases,(More)
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