M. O. Bloomfield

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We discuss our grain-continuum approach to modeling stress-driven grain boundary migration in polycrystalline Cu films, assuming that migration is due to differences in strain energies. We focus on thermally induced stresses and compute those using comsol multiphysics. To account for grain structure in polycrystalline films, the anisotropic elastic(More)
We employ a level set-based geometry tracking software using a "grain continuum" representation, together with models for selected IC manufacturing processes and for microstructural evolution to study the development of grain structures. We consider electroless deposition, physical vapor deposition and grain boundary migration during curvature-driven(More)
We discuss the integration of process simulations for several process steps in the fabrication of a simple Damascene structure. Starting with a blanket silicon dioxide substrate and a patterned mask, we perform simulations of plasma etching, PVD barrier deposition, PVD seed layer deposition, electrochemical deposition of copper using an additive-containing(More)
Formation and evolution of microstructure in thin films, numerical approaches to modeling of multiscale/multiphysics phenomena. Specific interests include methods for linking macro-and meso-scale simulations to nano-scale evolution models, models of electrochemical and electroless deposition in complex solutions, discrete-to-continuum techniques, and(More)
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