M. O. Asagba

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There are no definitive reports of sheep pox occurring in Nigeria, although the disease is prevalent in North and East Africa (Konigshofer, 1977). Lesions of sheep and goats which may have been those of sheep pox have been described (National Veterinary Research Institute Annual Reports, 1927 and 1943; Bida, Ramsey, Njoku, Eze and Eid, 1975) but no(More)
A method is described by which cell lines can be readily developed from bovine peripheral leucocytes. Fifteen cell lines have been developed from 25 attempts, passage levels up to 60 being reached. The cell lines are aneuploid and predominantly epithelial, show split ratio capabilities of 1:4 to give monolayers with 5 days of routine passage, and have high(More)
An epizootic of lumpyskin disease which affected cattle in northern Nigeria in1974 was confirmed by isolation of the causal pox virus. Une épizootie de maladie nodulaire cutanée qui affectait le bétail, en 1974, dans la Nigeria du Nord a été confirmée comme telle par isolement du virus causal spécifique. Se confirmó una epizootia de dermatosis nodular, la(More)
VACCINATION CONTRE LA MALADIE DE NEWCASTLE R~sum~--Deux essais effectu~ sur 2000 poulets de chair ont montr6 que ees poulets vacein6s avee du vaecin lyophilis~ "F" soit ~ leur naissanee, au 21 et au 42e jours ont ~t6 prot6g~s/t leur 14, 35, 56 et 70e jours lot's d'6preuves infestantes par du virus de la maladie de Newcastle administr6 par voies(More)
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