M. Novotny

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Objective. This analysis focuses on the effect of depression on the cost of hospitalization of stroke patients. Methods. Data on 17,010 stroke patients (primary diagnosis) were extracted from 2008 Tennessee Hospital Discharge Data System. Three groups of patients were compared: (1) stroke only (S(O), n = 7,850), (2) stroke + depression (S(+D), n = 3,965),(More)
Computerized brain atlas is a new application area in the practical use of stereotactic neurosurgery. Our approach provides a solution for the straightforward definition of a coordinate system (CA-CP), localization of the selected target point, trepanation points and trajectory transformation of the stereotactic electrode or canula for functional(More)
Modern FPGAs can be used to build application-specific high-performance computing (HPC) machines at costs that are several orders of magnitude lower than standard HPC platforms. This has some important implications for those applications where the (un)availability of suitable computing resources is an essential underlying assumption. Cryptographic(More)
The P2P network's open and anonymous nature offers an almost ideal environment for malicious activities. One of the most effective methods, which should prevent malicious peers from subverting the system, is based on reputation. The reputation management offers possibility to detect malicious peers and avoid cooperation with them. The reputation management(More)
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