M. Novaes

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The aim of the Neuropsychology applied to the Alcohol Dependence field is the comprehension of the effects of brain dysfunction on cognition and human behavior. It investigates neurocognitive impairments and associates them to structural and functional neuroimaging findings (CT, MRI, PET and SPECT). Acute use of alcohol impairs attention, memory, executive(More)
OBJECTIVE Cannabis is the most used illicit drug worldwide, however only a few studies have examined cognitive deficits related to its use. Clinical manifestations associated with those deficits include a motivational syndrome, impairment in cognitive flexibility, inattention, deficits in abstract reasoning and concept formation, aspects intimately related(More)
Public/private decision makers have faced challenges to improve healthcare services for supporting the increasing demand and simultaneously reducing the associated costs. Although the adoption of information and communication technologies (ICTs) are important in this context, the current service status should be firstly examined and different(More)
  • M A Novaes, A K P Barbosa, V M Silva, R A Afonso, R S Campos, Kleber S De Araújo
  • 2006
This work describes the challenges to recover information from electronic patient records of the Brazilian health public system. The Brazilian model of healthcare is classified in three levels (primary, secondary and tertiary), and each one of these levels works with a specific set of information regarding patient care. In an ideal healthcare model, patient(More)
Serial sections containing neurosecretory cells from chicken hypothalamus were cut after fixation in formaldehyde and embedding in paraffin. Sections were exposed to NBD-Ph (nitrobenzoxadiazole-phallacidin) and showed evidence of containing actin. By using a medium with sodium borohydride, non-specific fluorescence could be excluded.
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