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The <i>Gordon</i> data intensive supercomputer entered service in 2012 as an allocable computing system in the NSF Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) program. <i>Gordon</i> has several innovative features that make it ideal for data intensive computing including: 1,024, compute nodes based on Intel's Sandy Bridge (Xeon E5)(More)
<b>Introduction</b> The established philosophy within the software development industry is that an organization implementing a program to improve software quality can expect to recoup the cost of the implementation many times over through the reduced cost associated with improvements in quality. Measurement initiatives are perceived to provide a key(More)
Revitalization Technology Support Center (BTSC), which responds to requests from EPA regional offices, states, localities, and tribes to provide support for brownfield sites related to the use of technology for site investigations and cleanups. The document is intended as a primer only, not guidance. EPA recommends that users refer to existing guidance(More)
Structured Adaptive Mesh Reenement (SAMR) simulation methods are attractive because they can increase computational eeciency dramatically. However, their irregular and less predictable computational and data structure makes them challenging to parallelize eeciently on large-scale parallel machines. We use the Illinois Concert C++ system (which supports(More)
Providing added value to organizations through the use of IT is still difficult, too frequently resulting in a poor return on a considerable investment. Since it is believed that we can competently undertake most areas of design and implementation of such systems, the area that is frequently cited as being the source of such shortcomings is that of(More)
A common reason for why software metric programs dasiafailpsila is through lack of participant support and commitment. In this paper, we describe the results of a study which examined the knowledge that subjects had and the opinions they had formed of previous metrics initiatives in the same organization. The research was undertaken by one of the authors as(More)
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