M. Noorbakhsh

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Discrete-event systems (DES) can be found as an essential integrated subsystem in electrical power systems. The continuous trajectory of the system state can be interrupted by discrete control actions and uncontrolled disturbances. Under-load tap-changing transformers (ULTC) which obviously have discrete-event behavior are widely used in transmission(More)
Rab monomeric GTPases regulate specific aspects of vesicle transport in eukaryotes including coat recruitment, uncoating, fission, motility, target selection and fusion. Moreover, individual Rab proteins function at specific sites within the cell, for example the ER, golgi and early endosome. Importantly, the localization and function of individual Rab(More)
The paper discusses synthesis and physical implementation of decentralized supervisory controller of the dynamic flow controller (DFC) as a discrete-event system. The local plants have been used for synthesizing of decentralized supervisory controller for easier implementation of overall control system. A heuristic method is developed for easier(More)
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