M. Nojavan-Asghari

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Methyl jasmonate (JA-Me) inhibited the germination of cocklebur (Xanthium pennsylvanicum Wallr.) seeds. The inhibition of the germination of cocklebur seeds treated with JA-Me at concentrations less than 300 μm was nullified by ethylene applied exogenously, although the inhibitory effect of 1,000 μm JA-Me was not recovered completely even by high(More)
Methyl jasmonate (MeJA) inhibited germination and root elongation of maize seeds. There was a reciprocal relationship between MeJA concentrations applied and seed germination and radicle growth. Determination of α-amylase activity in crude extracts and zymogram analysis showed that both activity and content of the enzyme decreased in the presence of MeJA.(More)
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