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The aim of this study was to assess the effectiveness of topiramate (TPM) as an add-on regimen in reducing seizure rate in a population sample of patients diagnosed with severe myoclonic epilepsy in infancy (SME). Eighteen patients were evaluated. The mean observation time was 10.5 months (range, 6-18 months). Seizure frequency and type were recorded.(More)
INTRODUCTION It has been observed that if topiramate (TPM) is given together with other antiepileptic drugs when the temperature of the environment is high, a disorder involving sweating and thermo regulation may be seen as a side effect. PATIENTS AND METHODS We describe ten patients, of an average age of 7 years and 8 months, with refractory epileptic(More)
INTRODUCTION Progressive encephalopathy with oedema, hypsarrhythmia and optic atrophy (PEHO syndrome) is a pathological process that begins in the first months of life and quickly leads to a very serious encephalopathy. We report the case of an infant suffering from PEHO syndrome and discuss its pathogenesis. CASE REPORT A 4 year old male, the son of(More)
INTRODUCTION Rett syndrome (RS) is a progressive neurological disorder that is diagnosed by essential, supportive and exclusion clinical criteria, and development takes place in four stages. It has been shown to be caused by de novo mutations of a gene located in the long arm of the dominant X chromosome that codes for the methyl CpG binding protein(More)
INTRODUCTION Seventeen girls diagnosed as Rett syndrome (RS) patients suffer or have suffered epileptic fits; we have analyzed the evolution of these seizures. The RS diagnosis is based on criteria established by the Rett Syndrome Diagnostic Criteria Working Group in 1988. PATIENTS AND METHODS All girls have had clinical, biochemical,(More)
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