M Nicole Coleman

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This study explores how granddaughters account for the development of their relationships with their maternal grandmothers. The retrospective interviewing technique was used to elicit turning points in their relational histories. Analysis of the turning point content revealed several different types of turning points that reflected both normative and(More)
Hip-hop media and Black-oriented reality television are powerful mechanisms for conveying and promoting stereotypes of Black women. Black women's sexuality is frequently presented as highly-salient in each medium. However, little is known about the impact of those images on Black women's sexuality and identity. The current study uses focus-group methodology(More)
In this article we report on reading ability of twin children in kindergarten to Grade 2 as a function of whether members of the pairs are assigned to the same or different classrooms. All analyses were run using mixed model regressions to account for the interdependence between twin pairs. The samples, total N = 1505, are from Australia and the United(More)
This study explores granddaughters' reports of the nature and impact of parental mediation on the development of their feelings of closeness toward their maternal grandmothers. Results from close-ended questions assessing granddaughters' perceptions of parental mediation and relational closeness indicated that closeness was predicted by mediation involving:(More)
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