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In this paper optimal filters for the detection of coronary arteries with a diameter range of 0.5-6.0 mm in digital X-ray images are derived using a computational approach. This approach is based on the two requirements for optimal detection. First, the filter should maximize the number of detected true edges and minimize the number of detected false edges.(More)
The article describes the development of EU policies and regulations on the marketing authorization of medicines. First, it describes the changing perspective of the EU towards the regulation of such authorizations. While its original focus was on the liberalization of national markets, it has today assumed overarching political responsibility for the(More)
Antidumping has become the dominant instrument for temporarily restricting imports. There is need for concern, as it represents a particularly distorting trade policy measure. Many observers have made suggestions on how to improve the current situation. These suggestions aim at restraining antidumping by reducing the number of circumstances where it may be(More)
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