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The experiments reported in this study constitute a preliminary investigation into the possible hypotensive effect of the Jamaican Cho-Cho (Sechium edule). Experiments were conducted in a random and blind fashion on two sub species of Sechium edule. Both the pulp and the peel were examined for hypotensive activity. Water-soluble extracts were prepared from(More)
Intrathecal pethidine as a sole anaesthetic agent for surgical procedures of the lower limbs, perineum and inguinal areas was investigated and compared with hyperbaric Bupivacaine. A total of 90 patients were studied and randomly divided into groups 1 (bupivacaine) and 2 (pethidine). In group 2, 26 of 46 patients (59%) had their procedures successfully with(More)
BACKGROUND Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) is a common medical emergency with significant mortality and significant neurological morbidity. Helicopter emergency medical services (HEMS) may be tasked to OHCA. We sought to assess the impact of tasking a HEMS service to OHCA and characterise the nature of these calls. METHOD Retrospective case review(More)
The fear of aspiration of gastric contents and its life-threatening consequences in patients(aspiration pneumonitis and respiratory failure), has caused many medical practitioners, particularly anaesthetists, to rigidly follow conservative (i.e. prolonged) preoperative fasting standards. This is the nil per os (NPO) order for clear fluids/liquids and solids(More)
There has been an increasing trend worldwide to use regional anaesthesia for operative deliveries. The Confidential Enquiry into Maternal Deaths in the United Kingdom has demonstrated a steady decline in the anaesthesia-related deaths since the introduction of regional anaesthesia. There are lower morbidity profiles in mothers delivering under regional(More)
A three-year observational study of patients undergoing tonsillectomy at the University Hospital of the West Indies was conducted to determine the incidence of postoperative vomiting. Data were collected to assess possible risk factors for vomiting as well as possible alleviating agents. Two hundred and fifty-two patients were included in the study and a(More)
Stenotrophomonas maltophilia is emerging worldwide as a nosocomial pathogen. It is associated with certain risk factors and a wide range of infections. This study was done to document its emergence at the University Hospital of the West Indies and to determine the incidence, distribution and risk factors associated with it. A retrospective study was(More)
Controversy has arisen regarding the length and nature of the preoperative fast that should be required of patients with normal gastric emptying time undergoing elective surgery. Various studies and editorials have indicated that the traditional preoperative fasting policy of "NPO after midnight" may be illogical as it makes no distinction between solid(More)