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High-voltage direct current (HVDC) is a commonly used technology for long-distance power transmission, due to its low resistive losses and low costs. In this paper, a novel distributed controller for multi-terminal HVDC (MTDC) systems is proposed. Under certain conditions on the controller gains, it is shown to stabilize the MTDC system. The controller is(More)
Cyber Physical Energy Systems (CPES) development requires the combination of distributed intelligence to fulfill the future complex tasks and reach the increase the energy demands. Electrical Industrial Systems (EIS) are in continuous evolving integrating new technologies allowing to a better performance and increase the efficiency. This paper applies the(More)
Employee empowerment is one of the most effective techniques to increase employee productivity and optimal use of capacities and capabilities of individual and group in line with organizational objectives. Empowerment is a process that helps to improve continuous performance of people and teams by development and expand their authority and ability. In other(More)
In this article, we study statistical attractors of skew products which have an m-dimensional compact manifold M as a fiber and their ε-invisible subsets. For any n ≥ 100m, m = dim(M), we construct a set Rn in the space of skew products over the horseshoe with the fiber M having the following properties. Each C-skew product from Rn possesses a statistical(More)
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