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Fibromyalgia and ADHD share some clinical features, and a reduced dopamine function has been proposed for both disorders. Here we found, in a large sample of fibromyalgia female patients, a higher frequency of childhood ADHD antecedent when compared with healthy women. Our data suggest that Fibromyalgia and ADHD have some common etiopathological mechanism.
In the study of addiction, attentional bias refers to the observation that substance-related cues tend to capture the attention of experienced substance users. Attentional bias is a cognitive intermediate in the conditioned association between drug-related cues, craving, and relapse. Numerous studies have documented the existence of attentional bias for(More)
BACKGROUND To analyze the factor structure and psychometric properties of the TFEQ in a morbid obese Spanish sample of bariatric surgery candidates. METHOD Multi-trait/ multi-item analyses and alpha coefficients were conducted to test the convergent /discriminant validity and the internal consistency reliability. Principal components analyses (varimax)(More)
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