M. Napolitano

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In this paper, we investigate some mathematical structures underlying the physics of linear optical passive (LOP) devices. We show, in particular, that with the class of LOP transformations on N optical modes one can associate a unitary representation of U(N) in the N-mode Fock space, representation which can be decomposed into irreducible(More)
Transformations achievable by linear optical components allow to generate the whole unitary group only when restricted to the one-photon subspace of a multimode Fock space. In this paper, we address the more general problem of encoding quantum information by multiphoton states, and elaborating it via ancillary extensions, linear optical passive devices and(More)
We have studied, with the KLOE detector at the DAΦNE Φ-Factory, the dynamics of the decay η → π + π − π 0 using η mesons from the decay φ → ηγ for an integrated luminosity L = 450 pb −1. From a fit to the Dalitz plot density distribution we obtain a precise measurement of the slope parameters. An alternative parametrization relates the π + π − π 0 slopes to(More)
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