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Face recognition from the images is challenging due to the wide variability of face appearances and the complexity of the image background. This paper proposes a novel approach for recognizing the human faces. The recognition is done by comparing the characteristics of the new face to that of known individuals. It has Face localization part, where mouth end(More)
Dynamic Voltage Scaling (DVS) has been a key technique in exploiting the hardware characteristics of processors to reduce energy dissipation by lowering the supply voltage and operating frequency. As applications become increasingly sophisticated and processing power increases, the most serious limitation on these devices is the available battery life. This(More)
The main aim is to provide energy efficiency for cooperative multi channel MAC protocols by using DISH strategies. Distributed Information SHaring (DISH) is a new cooperative approach to designing multichannel MAC protocols. It aids nodes in their decision making processes by compensating for their missing information via information sharing through(More)
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