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This study proposes methods for the support of radiotherapy planning for dynamic tumor-tracking irradiation for lung tumors. It aims to simulate the deformation of the lung caused by respiration and to visualize the result as DRRs (Digitally Reconstructed Radiographs) in real time. Our lung- deformation model treats the lung as an elastic object and(More)
Novel functional LSIs based on swarm intelligence of ant colony have been proposed. An ant colony is a highly organized society, though individual ants themselves act only according to simple behavioral patterns. Focusing on a foraging pattern among them, the modeled function was integrated on one LSI chip. To verify the function, the fabricated LSI was(More)
2 This paper proposes a method for visualizing three-dimensional (3D) microscopic images using feature space reduction. Conventional visualization methods using multi-dimensional transfer function have difficulty in displaying feature space in high dimension and in setting transfer function. Our methods use principle component analysis (PCA) for feature(More)
Novel wafer-level chip scale package (WL-CSP) applicable to configurations involving stacking of multiple dies has been developed. Since stacked die makes high topography and it is difficult to apply conventional WL-CSP process, gold bonding wires were used for not only connecting stacked dies with one another but also for connecting from each die to CSP(More)
RTP was employed to metamorphose the ultra-thin top Si (111) layer into 3C-SiC, suppressing the 3D growth of SiC and improving the undulation at the interface between the top SiC and buried oxide layers. As a result, a very flat and uniform 3 nm thick 3C-SiC seed layer was obtained. It implies a high possibility for growing thick epitaxial 3C-SiC layers(More)
A hardware-based discriminator for multiunit signals is presented. In this system, the peak amplitude of a spike is adopted as the feature measure for spike classification. Adaptive discrimination is realised according to an original idea that clusters, on which the classification is performed, are updated in a space of feature measures as the peak(More)
This paper presents an analysis of soil pollution and introduction of original algorithm for the Kalman filter, which is often widely in various fields, for example, financial world, space engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering and so on. It is based on stochastic theory and one of the available methods for the estimation problem. As the(More)
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