M. Najib Kaddioui Mohamed

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In this paper, we provide a detailed overview of existing researches in the field of software restructuring and model refactoring, from a formal as well as a practical point of view. We propose a possible taxonomy for the classification of several existing and proposed model refactoring approaches. The taxonomy is described with a feature model that makes(More)
We present a new approach and tool (MRefactor) for model refactoring; we propose an extension of the UML metamodel for the assisted Model Driven Refactoring (MDR). Based on model qualities metrics and design flaws, we propose a new demarche allowing the automated detection of model refactoring opportunities and the assisted model restructuration. Precisely(More)
In this Paper, a classification method based on neural networks is presented for recognition of 3D objects. Indeed, the objective of this paper is to classify an object query against objects in a database, which leads to recognition of the former. 3D objects of this database are transformations of other objects by one element of the overall transformation.(More)
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