M Najeeb Saad

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UNLABELLED There are many reasons for dental implant failure, the development of bacteremia is concern for dentists. This is due to the possibility of unfavorable result such as implant loss or the need for re-treatment. In general, antibiotic prophylaxis is recommended for high risk patients such as individuals with an immunodeficiency, infectious(More)
We report on four patients from the botulinum toxin clinic at Moorfields Eye Hospital with Duane syndrome, who exhibited paradoxical medial rectus activity. EMGs were performed with a standard toxin needle and were qualitative in nature. Current physiodynamic theories as to the etiology of Duane syndrome are based on an aberrant innervation of the lateral(More)
Hemisection of a mandibular molar may be a suitable treatment option when the decay is restricted to one root and the other root is healthy. This article describes and illustrates a case in which the decayed terminal abutment was part of a fixed prosthesis. Hemisection and prosthetic rehabilitation yielded a satisfactory result.
The authors propose a model that provides an explanation for the ocular motility, anatomical and electromyographic features of Duane's syndrome. It is proposed that, in the human embryo, the abducens nucleus is derived from the same stem cells as the oculomotor nucleus. Duane's syndrome represents a failure of differentiation and displacement of the(More)
Loss of depression in one eye with contralateral loss of elevation is rare. It has been attributed to a subnuclear lesion of the oculomotor nerve nuclear complex. We present a patient with these signs who has an arteriovenous malformation occupying his rostral midbrain. We argue that attributing these findings to a subnuclear lesion of the oculomotor nerve(More)
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