M Naitoh-Matsuo

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Much progress has been made in understanding limb development. Most genes are expressed equally and in the same pattern in the fore- and hindlimbs, which nevertheless develop into distinct structures. The T-box genes Tbx5 and Tbx4, on the other hand, are expressed differently in chick wing (Tbx5) and leg (Tbx4) buds. Molecular analysis of the optomotor(More)
We have determined that Strong's Luxoid (lstJ) [corrected] mice have a 16 bp deletion in the homeobox region of the Alx-4 gene. This deletion, which leads to a frame shift and a truncation of the Alx-4 protein, could cause the polydactyly phenotype observed in lstJ [corrected] mice. We have cloned the chick homologue of Alx-4 and investigated its expression(More)
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