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Standard order reduction techniques are not robust to parameter variations and as such a new reduced model needs to be generated each time a parameter is varied in the system under study. The problem is further compounded in large systems with analytically inexpressible parametric dependencies wherein the large scale itself may need to be generated(More)
The paper describes the development of an automatic take-off system for helicopter. Design of automatic take-off control system is mandatory for manned as well as unmanned helicopter, which reduce the burden of pilot and increases the flying quality of the vehicle. In this paper, we present an It based automatic take-off system for helicopter. For this(More)
Simulations of coupled circuit-electromagnetic systems require heavy time-stepping computations often in­volving several thousand time-varying variables in the finite element (FE) models. However, in most cases, the actual dynamics of interest are between only a few of the vari­ables, for which model reduction strategies based on Krylov(More)
The area of coupled problems has been receiving substantial amount of attention over the last decade. An important class of coupled field problems involves electromagnetic-thermal coupling. Induction heating systems, where this coupling can be found, is preferred in modern industry for its efficiency, precise control, rapid control and low pollution.(More)
This part of the series of two papers presents the computational capability of the finite volume model, described in Part I, to simulate three-dimensional heat transfer processes in multiple borehole heat exchangers embedded in a multi-layer soil mass. Geothermal problems which require very fine grids, of the order of millions of finite volumes, can be(More)
Systemic lupus erythematosus (LE) is a heterogeneous, multisystem, autoimmune disease characterized by the production of auto-antibodies against several cell constituents. The skin is one of the target organs most variably affected by the disease can be yield valuable diagnostic & prognostic information. The present study was conducted to evaluate cutaneous(More)
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