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In this paper, we argue that the address space of memory regions that participate in inter task communication is over-specified by the traditional communication models used in behavioral modeling, resulting in sub-optimal implementations. We propose <i>shared messaging</i> communication model and the associated channels for efficient inter task(More)
Very Long Instruction Word (VLIW) architectures exploit instruction level parallelism (ILP) with the help of the compiler to achieve higher instruction throughput with minimal hardware. However, control and data dependencies between operations limit the available ILP, which not only hinders the scalability of VLIW architectures, but also result in code size(More)
In this paper, the energy management at sugar industry is presented with manipulating and controlling at different sections in the plant. A case study on a sugar plant directs an innovative application of saving power and cost by using vapor absorption chillier is discussed. The implementation of Vapour Absoption Chiller (VAC) can be done by manipulation in(More)
In this paper, a new auto tuning least square optimization tuning technique is presented to design Wood and Berry (WB) distillation column. It has Two Inputs and Two Outputs (TITO) binary distillation column. Design of TITO systems with decentralized, centralized, decouplers (compensators) and optimization tuning methods are not guaranteed to achieve(More)
— Clustering is a division of data into groups of similar objects. Representing the data by fewer clusters necessarily loses certain fine details, but achieves simplification. The similar documents are grouped together in a cluster, if their cosine similarity measure is less than a specified threshold. In this paper we mainly focuses on document clustering(More)
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