M N Trofimova

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Rotaviruses were detected in 58 among 194 children with nonbacterial gastroenteritis whose feces were examined by direct electron microscopy and immune electron microscopy (IEM). Identification of Coxsackie B viruses isolated from patients with infectious-allergic myocarditis by IEM and the neutralization tests gave similar results (Coxsackie B6). Besides,(More)
The karyological properties, the level of monoclonal antibody production and the proliferative properties of hybridoma strains after their prolonged passage in vivo and in vitro have been studied. Hybridoma EKO-G-2 having the supertetraploid set of chromosomes has proved to be a more stable antibody producer and to possess better proliferative properties.(More)
For cultivating hybridomas in the ascitic form there are usually used female mice BALB/c and not male ones. Efficiency of production of monoclonal antibodies with cultivation of the hybridomas in male and female mice BALB/c was studied comparatively. The animals were stimulated to form ascite by administration of the incomplete Freund's adjuvant or 3 per(More)
The initial mobilization of the protective power of amniotic cells under the influence of the intracellular parasite Shigellae Flexner was shown using qualitative and quantitative methods of electron microscopy. This mobilization is seen in the appearance and then concentration of membrane elements of the endoplasmic reticulum around the bacteria. The(More)
A preliminary injection of vaseline oil with 3% of peptone in a dose of 0.5 ml induced ascitic tumors with a high taking rate in mice used as recipients of hybridomas. The dependence of the amount of ascitic fluid produced in such animals and the content of monoclonal antibodies on the time of the preliminary injection of the above-mentioned mixture, the(More)