M. N. Pyndiah

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Ten renal transplant recipients showing a significant increase in human polyomavirus antibodies, indicative of an acute infection, were followed up serologically over periods ranging from two months to more than two years. Fifty-four serum specimens were available for the study and they were tested by both haemagglutination-inhibition and(More)
This study was carried out to determine the prevalence of cytomegalovirus (CMV) excretion in urine among 30 deaf children and 91 mentally retarded children by cell culture and PCR. As a control, urine samples from 121 children without hearing disability or mental retardation were also tested. The study revealed that 15 of 30 (50%) deaf children and 16 of 91(More)
During the chikungunya outbreak of 2005 - 2006, the only laboratory facilities available in Mauritius were virus isolation in cell culture tubes and serology. The laboratory was submerged with large numbers of blood samples. Comparative isolation was made in human embryonic lung (HEL) and VERO cells grown in 96-well plate. Culture on HEL cells was found to(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the seroprevalence of CMV antibodies in the Mauritian volunteer blood donor population and to establish a panel of CMV-seronegative blood donors. STUDY SUBJECTS AND METHODS Five hundred and eighty four apparently healthy blood donors were screened for evidence of CMV infection by the complement fixation test. There were 551 males(More)
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