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In this paper, novel recursive algorithms for realization of one-dimensional discrete sine transform (DST) and inverse discrete sine transform (IDST) of any length are proposed. By using some mathematical techniques, recursive expressions for DST and IDST have been developed. Then, the DST and IDST are implemented by recursive filter structures. A linear(More)
Most of the existing academic social networks like DBLP and ArnetMiner suggest co-authors as being related to each author based on author and co-author details, which are extracted from academic researchers publications. Instead of this approach, we propose grouping of researchers on basis of topics they have in common that would make more semantic sense(More)
Software testing is one of the most important parts of the software development. It also takes too much time to complete, because there are test cases are used for the testing of the software. So data mining techniques are used to improve the performance of the testing by reducing the size of the test cases. In this paper a Parallel Early Binding Recursive(More)
Classification of large grass genome sequences has major challenges in functional genomes. The presence of motifs in grass genome chains can make the prediction of the functional behavior of grass genome possible. The correlation between grass genome properties and their motifs is not always obvious, since more than one motif may exist within a genome(More)
[6] A. Valls Mateu, CLUSDM: a multiple criteria decision making method for heterogeneous data sets, Polytechnic University of Catalonia. 2002. [8] B. Roy.Critères multiples et mod´elisation des pr´ef´erences : l'apport des relations de surclassement. Revue d'Economie Politique, 1974. [10] R. Bisdorff. Electre-like clustering from a pairwise fuzzy proximity(More)
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