M. N. Murty

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In this paper, novel recursive algorithms for realization of one-dimensional discrete sine transform (DST) and inverse discrete sine transform (IDST) of any length are proposed. By using some mathematical techniques, recursive expressions for DST and IDST have been developed. Then, the DST and IDST are implemented by recursive filter structures. A linear(More)
In this paper radix-2 algorithms for computation of type-II discrete cosine transform (DCT) and discrete sine transform (DST) of length N = í µí¿ í µí² (í µí² ≥ í µí¿) are presented. The DCT/DST can be computed from two DCT/DST sequences, each of length N/2. The odd-indexed output components of DCT/DST can be realized using simple recursive relations.(More)
Discrete Hartley transform is an important tool in digital signal processing. This paper presents a novel recursive algorithm for realization of one-dimensional discrete Hartley transform of even length. The transform is constructed by single folding of input data and using Chebyshev Polynomial. Single folding algorithm provides data throughput two times of(More)
[6] A. Valls Mateu, CLUSDM: a multiple criteria decision making method for heterogeneous data sets, Polytechnic University of Catalonia. 2002. [8] B. Roy.Critères multiples et mod´elisation des pr´ef´erences : l'apport des relations de surclassement. Revue d'Economie Politique, 1974. [10] R. Bisdorff. Electre-like clustering from a pairwise fuzzy proximity(More)
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