M. N. Mohd Arif

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Primary lymphomas of the heart are extremely rare, accounting for 2% of all primary cardiac tumors. Due to the rare presentation, there is no proper consensus available on treatment strategy. Preoperative confirmation of the pathology is fundamental in guiding an early treatment plan, which allows for improved prognosis. Unfortunately, in most cases,(More)
Traumatic chest injury with complete tracheo- bronchial disruption is uncommon and occurs in approximately 1% of motor vehicle accidents (MVA) (1,2). Such injuries carry a high mortality and patients rarely survive transfer to hospital. A high index of suspicion facilitates early diagnosis. Early operative intervention is vital for survival. We describe a(More)
Emergency lung resection for chest trauma is a rare event with a reported incidence of 0.08-1.3% but is associated with a high morbidity and mortality especially if a pneumonectomy is required, if due to blunt chest trauma or when concomitant injuries are present. We report three cases of young adult males with penetrating chest injuries that required(More)
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