M. N. Minakova

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An immunohistochemical study was carried out to reveal distribution of immunoreactivity (IR) against Ca-binding proteins (CaBPr): calbindin (Calb), calretinin (Calr), and parvalbumin (Parv) in pretectum of the Central Asian terrestrial turtles (Testudo horsfieldi) and the pond turtles (Emys orbicularis). A wide distribution of CaBPr-IR neurons and terminals(More)
Distribution of immunoreactivity (IR) to Ca-binding proteins (CaBPr) (calbindin, Calb, parvalbumin, Parv., and calretinin, Calr) was studied in the thalamus of the Central Asian terrestrial turtles (Testudo horsfieldi) and fresh water turtles (Emys orbicularis). There has been established a wide spread of these proteins, which combines overlapping and a(More)
Extrinsic sources of calcium-binding proteins involved in immunoreactive innervation of the visual thalamic nuclei Rot and GLd in turtles (Testudo horsfieldi and Emys orbicularis) were studied using HRP tracing method and immunohistochemistry. In 1.5-4.5 months after monocular enucleation calbindin (Calb)-, parvalbumin (Parv)- and calretinin (Calr)-labeling(More)
A comparative analysis of neurochemical organization of pretectal nuclei was performed on the basis of results of our studies on immunoreactivity to monoamines (tyrosine hydroxylase—TH and serotonin—5-HT), neuropeptides (substance P—SP, met-enkephalin—mEnk, and neuropeptide Y, NPY), and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in pretectum of two turtle species, as(More)
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