M. N. Khadyeva

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We studied the relationship between G197A polymorphism of IL-17A gene and changes in morphometric echocardiography parameters and physiological parameters in skiers (19 examinees). Genotyping was performed by restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis and echocardiography using a Nemio MX ultrasound scanner (Toshiba). Association of 197A allele of(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of short-term creatine supplementation on exercise performance in male athletes depending on the studied genotypes. The present study was limited as long as to two common polymorphisms, such as C34T AMPD1 and Pro12Ala PPARG, selected because previously reported these associations with various aspects of(More)
The aim of the was to investigate the interrelation between MTHFR gene C677T polymorphism and morphometric echocardiography and physiologic parameters in male ski racers (n = 23). Genotyping was performed by RFLP. Echocardiography was performed by ultrasound scanner Nemio MX (Toshiba, Japan). We found that the MTHFR C677 allele was associated with low(More)
The aim was to investigate compare genotype and allele frequencies of the GPX1 gene Pro198Leu polymorphism in 736 Russian athletes and 564 non-athletic controls. Echocardiography was performed by ultrasound scanner Nemio MX (Toshiba, Japan). Also, we investigated whether glutathione had antioxidant effects in runners. Runners of the experimental group 1 (16(More)
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