M. N. Hassan

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Repellency effect of turmeric and neem was investigated against the mite Necrobia sp. and field doses were determined on the basis of their repellency, keeping quality, insect occurrence and sensory evaluation of turmeric and neem treated dry fish and their cooked products. Turmeric and neem were used in three forms, viz., i. extract, ii. powder and iii.(More)
Spiperone dithiocarbamate (SPDC) was prepared by reacting spiperone with carbon disulfide followed by sodium hydroxide. SPDC was labelled with 99mTc by reduction of pertechnetate with formamidine sulfinic acid or sodium dithionite at alkaline pH, resulting in approximately 40% incorporation of 99mTc. The lipophilic complex was conveniently isolated at high(More)
A field experiment was carried out in the Light village of Netrokona Sadar during the period from December 2010 to March 2011 to study the performance of some wheat varieties in terms of nutrient contents and their uptake. The experiment comprised of five varieties of wheat viz. BARI Gam 25, Shatabdi, BARI Gam 26, Prodip and Bijoy. The experiment was laid(More)
In egg-type pullets, the body weight was significantly higher under constant 20 L:4 D and 10 L:14 D up their 72nd day of age (d), followed by 20 L:4 D, than in the control (10 L:14 D). The latter variant positively affected the liveweight gain and earlier sexual maturity. Constant 20 L:4 D also increased earlier sexual maturity, plasma corticoid content of(More)
A simple, rapid and convenient high performance liquid chromatographic method has been developed for the determination and bioequivalence of norfloxacin in tablets formulations by using ciprofloxacin as an internal standard. The chromatographic separation was achieved on a C18 column having an isocratic mixture of methanol, disodium hydrogen phosphate(More)
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