M. N. Gevorkyan

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Background: It is assumed that the introduction of stochastic in mathematical model makes it more adequate. But there is virtually no methods of coordinated (depended on structure of the system) stochastic introduction into deterministic models. Authors have improved the method of stochastic models construction for the class of one-step processes and(More)
Background: Component-based modeling language Modelica (OpenModelica is open source implementation) is used for the numerical simulation of complex processes of different nature represented by ODE system. However, in OpenModelica standard library there is no routines for pseudo-random numbers generation, which makes it impossible to use for stochastic(More)
As a result of the application of a technique of multistep processes stochastic models construction the range of models, implemented as a self-consistent differential equations, was obtained. These are partial differential equations (master equation, the Fokker–Planck equation) and stochastic differential equations (Langevin equation). However, analytical(More)
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