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This paper presents the parameters calculation of 5hp three phase induction motor, the data obtained will assist to the FEM designer to design the complete model of AC induction motor. In this paper assume the efficiency of an induction motor is 84% and power factor is 0.80. The motor parameters such as the stator resistance, rotor resistance, rotor(More)
Induction machine is an important class of electrical machines which finds wide applications as a motor in industry and in its single phase form in several domestic applications. More than 85% of industrial motors in use today are in fact induction motors. The minimization of electrical energy consumption through better motor design becomes a major concern.(More)
Core loss measurements at the field level for AC induction motor have been described. The standard requirements is the conventional no-load test to measure the “rotational losses” (sum of the core, friction & windage losses) and stator copper loss. Based on the no-load test several parameters such as the no load resistance, reactance,(More)
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