M. Muzaffar Rao

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Cryptographic hash functions are at the heart of many information security applications like digital signatures, message authentication codes (MACs), and other forms of authentication. In consequence of recent innovations in cryptanalysis of commonly used hash algorithms, NIST USA announced a publicly open competition for selection of new standard Secure(More)
We propose high speed architecture for Keccak using Look-Up Table (LUT) resources on FPGAs, to minimize area of Keccak data path and to reduce critical path lengths. This approach allows us to design Keccak data path with minimum resources and higher clock frequencies. We show our results in the form of chip area consumption, throughput and throughput per(More)
—Logistic functions are good models of biological population growth. They are also popular in marketing in modelling demand-supply curves and in a different context, to chart the sales of new products over time. Delays being inherent in any biological system, we seek to analyse the effect of delays on the growth of populations governed by the logistic(More)
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