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OBJECTIVE Only a small fraction of coronary artery disease (CAD) heritability has been explained by common variants identified to date. Interactions between genes of importance to cardiovascular regulation may account for some of the missing heritability of CAD. This study aimed to investigate the role of gene-gene interactions in common variants in(More)
The genetic loci that have been found by genome-wide association studies to modulate risk of coronary heart disease explain only a fraction of its total variance, and gene-gene interactions have been proposed as a potential source of the remaining heritability. Given the potentially large testing burden, we sought to enrich our search space with real(More)
BACKGROUND After age, sex is the most important risk factor for coronary artery disease (CAD). The mechanism through which women are protected from CAD is still largely unknown, but the observed sex difference suggests the involvement of the reproductive steroid hormone signaling system. Genetic association studies of the gene-encoding Estrogen Receptor α(More)
Blunted day-night difference in blood pressure (BP) is an independent cardiovascular risk factor, although there is limited information on determinants of diurnal variation in BP. We investigated determinants of day-night difference in systolic (SBP) and diastolic (DBP) BP and how these compared with determinants of daytime and night-time SBP and DBP. We(More)
A new layout design for a data dependent permutation (DDP)-Cobra H64-bit cipher optimized for low-power and high speed operation is presented in this paper. The layout is characterized as a design for mobile and handheld equipment. The design achieves low power consumption by using low power logic gates in layout level. Through the technique of pipelining(More)
An optimal Low-Power High/Speed Operation of Data Dependent Permutation (DDP)-Cobra H64-bit block cipher in layout level is presented in this paper. It based on reducing the power dissipation by using proper low power SPICE parameters and low power logic gates. The speed and performance of the new design are increased by inserting the pipelining technique(More)
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