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Visualisation is compelling because of it has multidimensionality of presentation, data integration, and use. It facilitates understanding and analysis of complex data through opening up the visual perceptive channel as well as relying on the more standard forms of information location, assimilation and insight. The use of visualisation techniques to aid(More)
The key question with Service Science is to be how to formulate a theoretic foundation for service description, service discovery and service composition in the context of basic service system development and the building of service architecture. However, the current research and development in the field of Service Science assumes that the mapping between(More)
The contents of this paper describe the work carried out by the Visualisation Research Group in the Centre of Software Maintenance at the University of Durham. For obtaining a high level understanding of the code systems graphical representations are more useful than purely textual representations. However, graphical representations still have a tendency to(More)
A description of an Intelligent, Knowledge-Based maintenance tool, being developed by the Centre for Software Maintenance at the University of Durham is described. The tool is intended to help reduce the amount of time spent on analysing code. Code analysis is performed when a programmer is familiarising himself with a piece of code, and when the eeects of(More)
Recently, Phishing attacks have become a serious problem for end-users, online banking and e-commerce websites. Many anti-Phishing approaches have been proposed to detect and prevent Phishing. One of the approaches is the anti-Phishing tips published by many governmental and private organizations to help users detect and prevent the attacks by themselves.(More)
Supporting multiple views, and the rapid development of usable data analysis tools, are necessary for successful comprehension of any large and complex dataset. Comprehension studies have shown that different views, and the ability to selectively filter data are important. This paper presents research that has been done to address this issue. The main(More)
The problems experienced by a hospital pharmacy department in implementing a stand-alone packaged computer system are discussed, and recommendations for avoiding and managing these problems are presented. In 1984, a stand-alone packaged computer system was implemented in a 580-bed, tertiary-care institution that provides services from a central pharmacy and(More)