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We consider an implementation of umbrella sampling in which the pertinent range of states is subdivided into small windows that are sampled consecutively and linked together. This allows us to simulate without a weight function or to extrapolate the results to the neighboring window in order to estimate a weight function. Additionally, we present a detailed(More)
The paper discusses an assistance system for stereo shooting and 3D production, called Stereoscopic Analyzer (STAN). A feature-based scene analysis estimates in real-time the relative pose of the two cameras in order to allow optimal camera alignment and lens settings directly at the set. It automatically eliminates undesired vertical disparities and(More)
Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) has become an attractive technique for media access control in Personal Communication Networks (PCN). In this paper, two MAC protocols, namely Preamble Signaling Access (PSA) and Minislot Signaling Access (MSA) are defined and evaluated for voice/data integration at the base station. It assumes that there are two types(More)
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