M. Mousseau

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At the time of hospitalization, it is essential to evaluate the general health status of a patient and to follow up the trends during therapy. Our work is focused on a set of tools for the measurement of patient activity. In this paper, we propose a few indicators of the patient activities of daily living, such as mobility, agitation, repartitions of stays,(More)
Despite the generalization of induction chemotherapy and a better outcome for chemosensitive diseases, the prognosis of inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) is still poor. In this work, we evaluate response and toxicity of high-dose sequential chemotherapy with repeated blood stem cell (BSC) transplantation administered as initial treatment in 100 women with(More)
BACKGROUND Docetaxel and irinotecan chemotherapy have shown good efficacy in the treatment of advanced oesophago-gastric cancer. This randomised phase II study evaluated the efficacy and toxicity profile of two non-platinum docetaxel-based doublet regimens in advanced oesophago-gastric cancer. METHODS Chemotherapy-naïve patients with advanced(More)
Developing therapeutic monoclonal antibodies paves the way for new strategies in oncology using targeted therapy which should improve specificity. However, due to a lack of biomarkers, a personalized therapy scheme cannot always be applied with monoclonal antibodies. As a consequence, the efficacy or side effects associated with this type of treatment often(More)
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