M. Mouhamadou

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In this article, an efficient method for the pattern synthesis of the linear antenna arrays with the prescribed null and multi-lobe Beamforming is presented. Multi-lobe pattern and adaptive nulling of the pattern is achieved by controlling only the phase of each array element. The proposed method is based on the Sequential Quadratic Programming (SQP)(More)
The performance of mobile cellular radio networks is limited by the level of cochannel interference that can be tolerated. The use of antennas arrays is very helpful in enhancing the performance and capacity of the wireless communication system. This paper presents a method for antenna pattern synthesis that suppress multiple interfering narrow or wide band(More)
The LINC (Linear amplification with Nonlinear Components) transmitter efficiency is not degraded only by the power combiner, but also by the SCS (Signal Component Separator) architecture. In this article, we propose a Predistorted Modified SCS (PM-SCS) architecture and we present the measurement platform dedicated to the LINC system study. Measurement(More)
Few data from West Africa are available on the prevalence of the different kidney diseases. One hundred fifteen patients underwent renal biopsy in the nephrology department in Dakar from 1993 to 1998. Nephrotic syndrome was the main indication of biopsy (67%). The primary nephropathies were found in 69.5% of the patients, the secondary nephropathies in(More)
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